How to Remove Tonsil Stones without Gagging?

When we try to remove tonsil stones from our throats, we usually easy to choke, then how to remove a tonsil stone without gagging? Did you know something new about this problem? A possible way that we can think to remove a tonsil stone is using the natural treatment with natural ingredients. Basically, tonsil stones removal consists of 2 ways, the first way is the surgery method and the second is a natural non-surgical method.

tonsil stones

Why someone could choke while trying to pull out a tonsil stone? As we have discussed before, tonsil stones are placed right around the tonsils and right before throat, so when we insert a tool into the surface of the tonsils, then naturally we would feel like vomiting and then choking. It is a natural response of our body when a foreign goods coming into the region of the tonsils.

Leftovers is a major factor which makes tonsil stones are formed, a bacteria also makes tonsil stones are formed. Okay, how to remove this things? what is the safest tonsil stones treatment for us? Well we can banish tonsil stones using the natural method and natural materials such salt water or use an oral irrigator regularly.

You can start to gargle with warm salt water, do it regularly at least 2-3 times a day. After you rinse, you can use an oral irrigator such as waterpick to clean, push and remove your tonsil stones. Although we can not directly remove tonsil stones, but if we do regularly, tonsil stones will easily eroded and eventually will be depleted.

tonsil stones removal with oral irrigator waterpick
This method is a natural way and i thing this is one of the safest way on how to remove tonsil stones without gagging or choke while we try to remove tonsil stones. This is also a safe way because we are not forced repeal of tonsil stones but we do it slowly.

Salt water has natural chemicals which can change the structure cells of tonsil stones, I suppose, salt water can make the tonsil stones become more fragile, and then we can use a waterpick to erode it. Easy is not it? Good luck.

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