What Should I Do if I Have Tonsil Stones?

There are a lot of approaches that were done by myself, but the mostly effective ways are the preventions, since medication are sometimes not proven, and having several side effects instead. Therefore, I preferred to avoid the causes of tonsil stones as the main measure to keep off from tonsil stones. So what did I do? Let’s take a look.

I Have Tonsil Stones

The cure

The cure for tonsil stones can be various, and you can read the whole of remedies on this page: http://banishtonsilstonestips.blogspot.com/2013/09/banish-tonsil-stones-and-treatment.html, so I don’t think it’s necessary to explain anymore. Essentially, I will try to do the methods of medication that I opine is really easy, and simple. I used my two fingers to remove tonsil stones, this was the firstly thing that I attempted to do, so I thought that the plan b was needed in order to be the substitution. Next is gargling with warm salty water, this has to be done routinely, as the effect is temporal. My third way was using the water pick or water flusher, there a lot of things to be considered when removing tonsil stones using water pick. The last one is surgery, even though this way is fearful for me, but it is the last option to release the pain.


Taking care of your health and keeping your mouth clean. Since tonsil stones are caused by residual foods, bacteria, and fungus that gather on the spot of tonsils, so if you aren’t aware of your mouth cleanliness, the tonsil stones may keep coming back even though you have removed the tonsil stones. Brushing teeth and gargling with mouthwash are the important daily tasks to do, because these two behaviors give influence to the health of mouth and teeth. Moreover, solid foods and the meals that contain gentle particles can cause tonsil stones, so to keep your oral hygiene is essential to prevent oral problems that caused by bacteria and germs as well.

Tonsil stones won’t make me distressed and low of self-esteem

banish tonsil stones
Majority feel inferior when having tonsil stones, since they produce foul breath, and certainly people will avoid a person with odor. So, that is the clear reason of why people lose their self-esteem, and sometimes dissociate themselves from public. Actually it can be managed well, of you know how to, you can seek away communicating with people. Therefore, never think that being sustained by tonsil stones and its bad breath is the end of the world. The condition with tonsil stones is able to be tricked.

Some people may experience stress when experiencing heavy or choky breath that caused by tonsil stones, so be patient to be burdened by them, because you can gradually heal tonsil stones until the desired recovery. You may want to follow the step-by-step medication that I took:

The measures when suffering from tonsil stones:

1. Cure them.
2. Prevent them from coming back.
3. Keep your self-esteem and never be inferior to people.
4. Pray to God.

If you think that being stricken by tonsil stones is the big burden for you, so you will see and take everything impossibly. Yet, to keep calm and remain confident, so you will easily be passing through any problems including tonsil stones. This illness is common in America, since many have been diagnosed to have them in every year, so you are not the only person that suffering from these repulsive things. Stay relax and quickly find the solution to immediately cope and overcome tonsil stones, by following the tips that I have provided above. So are you feeling better now? All that I will have in living with tonsil stones. Stay passionate!